Saturday, October 6, 2007


Data Integrity

That ensure that data received are exactly as sect by an authorized entity (i.e., contain no modification, insertion, deletion, or replay).

Connection integrity with recovery: Provide integrity of all user data on a connection and detects any modification, insertion, deletion, or replay of any data within an entry data sequence, with recovery attempted.

Connection integrity without recovery: As above but provide without recovery.

Selective-Fields connectionless integrity: Provide for the integrity of selected fields within the user data of data block transfered over a connection and takes the form of determination of whether the selected field have been modified, inserted, detected, or replayed.

Connectionless integrity: Provide for the integrity of single connectionless data block and may take a form of detection of data modification. Additionally, a limited form of repay detection may be provided.

Selective-Field connectionless integrity: Provides for the integrity of selected field within a single connectionless data block; take the form of determination of whether the selected fields have been modified.

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